Turf Delivery

Whether you’re looking for a pallet of grass to complete a small weekend project or planning a large project for the local soccer field, Texas Grass Depot can promptly and efficiently deliver the freshest quality and quantity, when you need it, and right to your home or jobsite.
We provide effective after-care information including watering schedules and feeding to make sure your finished project lasts for many years to come. Our premium graded product provides a durable lawn that is easily laid and simple to maintain with a host of great benefits.
Our friendly, experienced staff are ready to help you evaluate your site conditions and assist in choosing the best turf for your environment.

Turf Installation

Texas Grass Depot offers expert sod-installation services to Central Texas and surrounding areas. Depending on site conditions, we can just install your grass or we can complete any necessary site preparation and install your grass afterwards. When site preparation is contracted through us, we evaluate soil, drainage, and grading to ensure optimum drain pitch, smoothness, and any nutrient amendments needed for a beautiful, healthy and long lasting lawn. We employ the use of state-of-the-art hydraulic power rakes to shape and refine; nothing compares to the incredible results when using these machines.

Lawn Renovation

Some lawns are so overrun by weeds or burnt out by drought that the only viable solution is a complete lawn renovation. We have the capabilities to take out entire lawns and replace them with new sod or a different variety of sod that is more adapted to your environment. As with the installation service, we assess the soil, drainage, and grading to ensure a long lasting, healthy, and beautifully pleasing lawn.